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Massage Chair inSPORTline Kostaro
The luxurious Massage Chair inSPORTline Kostaro offers many functions which allow you to adjust the massage to your liking. This chair will massage your entire body (from the shoulders to the feet). Moreover, it offers a variety of both manual and preset programs with numerous speed and intensity levels. The carbon fiber in the backrest transfers heat from the infrared heating source, allowing you to enjoy a heated massage. Apart from massage heads with rollers, the chair also has 28 massage airbags, 12 of which are in the armrests, allowing you to enjoy an excellent air pressure massage (from the shoulders to the fingertips). The other airbags surround the calves and feet (in the footrest), simulating a soothing foot massage. The chair alsohas a function that automatically detects your shoulder area before each and every massage, adjusting the massage airbags and heads to the optimal position, according to the actual position of your shoulders. The synthetic leather upholstery makes your massage even more special. The chair’s smooth and silent operation is ensured by a 150W motor.

One of the Massage Chair inSPORTline Kostaro‘s main features is the Zero Gravity function which allows you to smoothly position the entire chair with just one button. In this position, your thighs and calves are above your heart. The weight of several body parts will be evenly distributed over the chair, relieving pressure from your body and making the massage more effective. Another special feature, Zero Space, will make selecting the right spot for your chair much easier. Thanks to this function, the chair does not have to stand more than 5cm away from a wall. When the backrest starts getting into position, you will feel as if the chair is “carrying” you forward. As a result, when the chair is fully reclined, the wall will not stand in its way. The special shape of the chair allows you to enjoy a soothing full-body massage (from the head to the thighs). The massage heads imitate the masseur’s hand movements, offering as many as 6 different massage programs.

Moreover, the Massage Chair inSPORTline Kostaro also allows you to create and save your own personal setting. The chair can be fully operated by a remote control. However, to adjust the recline or pause the massage, you can use the speed dial buttons on the right armrest. The chair also features 3D Bluetooth speakers, removable headrest and transport wheels for easy manipulation. You can follow your massage setting on the display of the remote control. When you turn the chair on, it automatically detects the position of both your shoulders and the massage heads (the position of which you can change later). The Massage Chair inSPORTline Kostaro allows you to enjoy a soothing massage from the comfort of your home!

Technical description:

Massage chair for home use with professional functions
Full-body/focused area massage
Adjustable backrest/footrest
Back heating function (40°C – 50°C)
28 massage airbags
9 massage heads
Transport wheels for easy manipulation
Remote control with LCD display
Speed dial buttons on right armchair
Built-in 3D Bluetooth speakers
Output: 150W
Maximum power usage: 150W
Assembled dimensions: length 164 x width 76 x height 118cm
Package dimensions: length 148 x width 80 x height92 cm + length 55 x width 42 x height54 cm
Maximum length when in use: 185cm
Material: synthetic leather
Weight limit: 150kg
Seat width: 52 cm
Weight: 86.5kg
The device is not intended for the treatment of muscular and other diseases. This is not a medical device.
Programs and functions:

2D smart massage (massage wheels move up, down, forward and back)
5 massage types (shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, simultaneous k
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